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Travel app review: Google Trips

Google came out with a free trip planner app called Google Trips yesterday. Let’s take a closer look. Pricing Free Availability iPhone and Android (of course) Overview This is a pretty handy app if you use Gmail on the regular. You sign up with your Google account and it pulls in past and future trips and lets you organize reservations, research points of...

Guggenheim Museum

How to get into museums for free in NYC

She might not be the most respected performer out there today, but there are many days when I feel exactly what Azealia Banks meant when she released her album titled Broke with Expensive Taste. Here’s a list of how you can sneak into a bunch of museums in New York without paying a cent. It’s time to feel classy and refined. Note: some of the free admissions days...

10 trip planner apps with amazing design

There's so many travel and trip planner apps out there, but most, frankly, are not very good. We've taken a designer's eye to the plethora out there, and picked the very best for inspiring wanderlust and planning amazing trips.