Kitten sitting on Turkish Traditional Carpets in Goreme, Nevsehir, Turkey

History of a trend: Turkish kilim rugs and the meaning behind the symbols

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Stack of Vintage Suitcases

Quarantine Voyages

Everyone around the world is still staying home, social distancing while we weather this virus (I hope anyways). I truly don’t believe it will be safe to travel until we hit herd immunity and/or invent a vaccine. I’m currently looking to get a COVID antibody test and waiting...

The Statue Of David in the Piazza della Signoria In Italy Wearing a Protective Face Mask

Traveling in the time of coronavirus (hint: don’t)

Hi all, I’ve been a bit quiet while I deliberate what to post about during the COVID19 lockdown. Obviously posting and encouraging straight up traveling at this time is irresponsible and tone deaf. I’m a bit of a pessimist, and I’m leaning towards believing that the global lockdowns will...

Private spa at Suiran / Image via Agoda

Serene Japanese ryokan with private onsen in Kyoto

Picture yourself sitting on the tatami mats in your private room, enjoying a cup of tea. You step out on to the deck of your private garden and slip out of your yukata nightrobe for a nighttime (or daytime) dip in your private tub, surrounded by a bright green carefully sculpted and...

Tiny towns in Istria, Croatia straight out of fairy tales

Sure, everyone is talking about Croatia these days, especially in the wake of the tremendously successful and picturesque Game of Thrones filmings. Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb. All ubiquitous and all completely crowded. Interested in Croatia but not crowds and trends? Have you heard of...

Beautiful vaulted arch passageway at the Shah Mosque in Isfahan

Reflections on traveling as an American in 2020

My country’s actions weigh heavy on my heart this week. I’ve grown up during pointless war after pointless war while my country itself festers from not taking care of its own people. I realize much of my privilege in being able to travel stems from previous generations of my...