Bulgarian Troyan Pottery for sale outside Bachkovo Monastery

History of a craft: traditional Bulgarian Troyan Pottery

Bulgaria is a country full of surprises. I wasn’t expecting to find much of an art scene there, but I was pleasantly surprised, particularly by Bulgarian pottery. I was enchanted by the tradition Troyan pottery. Dazzling patterns in soothing colors dance across solid oven-ready ceramics. And it was extremely cheap to start your own collection once you left Sofia. I’m...

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

How to get to the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria

During my summer visit to Bulgaria this year, I knew I had to make my way to the stunning Rila Monastery. I had seen images circling all around social media of the beautiful Eastern Orthodox monastery colorful frescoes. I was worried it might be a tourist trap, but it was stunningly enchanting in person. If you find yourself in Bulgaria, I highly recommend taking a...