Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in front of my favorite tree
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, in front of my favorite tree

Hey there. My name is Rosie Pringle, and I’m a traveler and designer/developer who lives in Brooklyn. I love art history and there’s nothing more exciting than traveling to a country to see it all in person!

Wondrous Paths is my attempt to chronicle the serendipitous things you may run across when traveling. The once-a-week outdoor markets. The festivals. The quintessentiality of different cities and towns. It’s also a reflection into looking deeper in our relationship with traveling and being more than just a passing tourist.

I’d like to question the ordinary, beaten paths, and perhaps step around the corner to find the beautiful, hidden alleys. Wondrous Paths is not about highlighting my extravagant (hardly) lifestyle, or gathering the most likes on Instagram. It’s about connecting the dots of cultural exchange around the globe and tracing them as far back as we can together.

Hiding in a Patrick Dougherty sculpture
Hiding in a Patrick Dougherty sculpture

My core aim is to highlight human creative achievement from around the world, from ancient architects to modern day crafters. I believe we are all creative beings and we need to keep cultivating our senses of wonder and creativity in order to live in any kind of meaningful way.

Bucket list

Thanks for reading! Feel free to send over suggestions and things you would like me to write about at rosie@wondrouspaths dot com

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