A Busy Spring in Brooklyn

It’s a beautiful spring in Brooklyn right now, and I’ve been neglecting my poor blog, yet somehow it’s getting more traffic than ever? Thank you for continuing to read, and I hope my past writings are helpful.

I have been waiting to undergo surgery for two very large dermoid ovarian cysts, one on each ovary. They are 9cm and 11cm respectively, so there are two grapefruit size masses in my abdomen that have been growing since my birth.

It’s very crazy to think about, and I am going in for surgery May 3rd. I’ve been trying to leave my consulting clients in a good place and carve out space for myself to rest and recover. The only surgery I’ve ever had before is for my wisdom teeth. My surgeon is gonna be a robot (!!) (with doctor and nurse practitioner guidance). Supposedly recovery time is between 2-4 weeks, with no heavy lifting for 6-8.

Besides that, I lost my mother to a 9 year battle with breast cancer last October, so this was a very tough winter. It’s quite frustrating to have this surgery and have to stay out while the whole city is blooming and reviving for spring. I was starting to feel closer to my normal self before having to take an ambulance to the ER for extreme abdominal pain.

At the hospital, they ran a CT scan and did pelvic ultrasound, where they found the two cysts. I was absolutely floored that I was carrying masses this large in me, possibly for years before being detected? Many women don’t even know until they have fertility issues.

My two “cystinas” according to my friend, who dubbed them Mary Kate and Ashley. Yeah, the white spot is a bone or tooth growth. Wild.

My last appointment was with the gynocological surgeon for a briefing and consultation on surgical removal. The surgeon’s office at NYU Langone was very swanky, and I was surprised my Healthfirst Medicaid plan was accepted by such a prestigious organization (yay American problems).

One thing is for certain: once these rocks on my lady gonads are out and I’m healed up I am gonna grab life by its respective reproductive organs and continue carpe dieming all the things.


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