The Statue Of David in the Piazza della Signoria In Italy Wearing a Protective Face Mask
The Statue Of David in the Piazza della Signoria In Italy Wearing a Protective Face Mask.

Traveling in the time of coronavirus (hint: don’t)

Hi all, I’ve been a bit quiet while I deliberate what to post about during the COVID19 lockdown.

Obviously posting and encouraging straight up traveling at this time is irresponsible and tone deaf. I’m a bit of a pessimist, and I’m leaning towards believing that the global lockdowns will continue well into summer and fall of next year.

I actually am recovering from a mild case of COVID19 as we speak. I’m in pretty good shape and am only thirty years old, and I was completely exhausted for 10+ days. It’s an unfortunate reality for many of us who live in New York City right now. Please be careful, especially if you are older and / or immunocompromised.

Wondrous Paths is focused on timeless travel and culture, and I have a huge backlog of dozens posts I’ve been working on and haven’t polished to post yet. Should I wait 12-18 months before I finish these or keep posting them? It’s hard to say. I’m fortunate that this isn’t my only source of income right now, as the whole travel community is suffering greatly.

For now I think I’m going to go with a strategy of the following:

  • Posting “armchair travel” aspirational posts to help us all cope with healthy doses of escapism. With lots of images!
  • Posting about arts and craft culture around the world, similar to my popular Otomi post
  • Gathering and sharing travel stories and retrospectives
  • Other escapist ideas on how to keep yourself sane during a lockdown when you have intense wanderlust

As always, I look to my readers to help me with the direction of my stories. Feel free to share ideas in the comments! How are you quelling your wanderlust while sheltering in place?


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