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Carnivals from around the world - Venice and Rio de Janeiro

10 unique Carnival traditions around the world

10 unique carnival / masquerade traditions around the world Lent is coming up quickly, and with it the colorful Carnival celebrations around the world. Also known as Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, masquerades, and bacchanals, Carnival is traditionally an indulgent and hedonistic holiday observed before the strict fasting of Lent. For the most part, celebrations take place...

Rockefeller Center Christmas

NYC Guide to the Holiday Season (on a budget)

New York during the holidays is magical. New York during the holidays is crowded. New York during the holidays can be miserable if you’re not careful. Avoid a New York Christmas nightmare with the right gameplan. There’s nothing in the world like seeing the first snow of the season reflecting the lights of Manhattan. There’s also nothing like...

Lucha Libre Masks

How to see a Lucha Libre show in Mexico City

Introduction to lucha libre Lucha libre, or free fights, started in Mexico in the mid 1800s, derived from Greco-Roman wrestling. The first masked luchador stepped into the ring in 1942 (El Santo), and his mystique captivated the public interest so much that the masked form we know today became the standard. The fights are characterized by flamboyant masks and capes...