The start of a journey

Travel has saved my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love NYC. But when I’ve been depressed, anxious, hopeless, and lost, I dream of traveling.

Without these dreams, I would probably wither away. I wouldn’t be motivated to pick up the pen and write. I wouldn’t be motivated to pick up the paper and draw. To open the computer and design. I’m a novelty seeker and a dopamine fiend.

I don’t mean to turn this into a space about me, but the words shown on the screen have come from a person, a person who has felt pain, despair, joy, and love, just like you.

History is written because of the achievements of humans. Places become destinations when they are extraordinarily different than those we ignore every day. Culture is made by people. I’ll die if Walmart remains all I see of culture.

I didn’t “discover” these places. I don’t want to be a Christopher Columbus. I merely want to underline the good things in the world with people who aren’t traveling in a private jet, just like me.

For the rundown, I plan to post about outdoor markets, affordable art shows, festivals, nifty museums, must-eats, must-sees, and must-drinks. As of now, I can’t travel much, but I can travel more than many, and I know a good deal about art history that I can use to show you different dimensions of places you may want to see.

Let me know if it gets too pretentious or too sappy. I’m looking forward to what we find.

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