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Post election blues: living in America after this week

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I started Wondrous Paths a few months ago to celebrate the beauty in the world. Focusing on a cross section of global creativity and imagination has always been the goal.

It takes an incredible amount of effort to get a blog from a nascent project to having a full readership, and I thought I was up to the task.

After this election, anxiety, depression, and anger have passed over me in waves. The work had to wait because it just wasn’t in me. Concern and fear for my friends and family and how they would be treated in the country I love takes precedence.

I haven’t moved on by any means, but hopefully by showcasing the creativity of the world I can do my part to bring us together a little closer in respect and love.

I will be moved to action in the meantime to help my country heal but I also won’t forget to love, whether it be my neighbor in my building, country, or world.

My heart grieves for those in danger and those feeling marginalized and left out by the latest developments. My heart grieves further for those in the world who will be affected by the shortsightedness of a cavalier United States administration.

I hope the damage isn’t as bad as appears to be today. I have roots in this country as deep as anyone of European descent possibly could, as checkered and bloody as its past may be, and I have always believed that we are at our strongest when we embrace and celebrate our innate diversity of ideas and experiences.

Is blogging about art and travel enough? Not by a long shot, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a place anymore. I’m doing what I can to offer time, expertise, and money to organizations that need help in the hours of need.

Art and travel connect us and give us shared experiences, which is the pathway to empathy and understanding. Hopefully we can move towards the future with less fear of the world around us and those who may look different than us.

It may seem like a platitude, but open borders and open minds are what make us one of the strongest countries in the world. I hope we can continue with building *that* as our tradition, and evolve beyond the tragically familiar patterns of hate and fear that have resurfaced.


Artist with a passion for travel.

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