Acropolis Museum front door entrance

How to see the New Acropolis Museum in Athens

In light of the recent Labour Party candidate’s Jeremy Corbyn’s promise to return the “Elgin Marbles” to Athens, I figured I should highlight one of the best museums I’ve been to in a long time: The Acropolis Museum. It’s a bit of a strange museum in a sense. It’s built entirely to show off the fact that Greece is ready to take care of its stolen historical...

Outside of Windsor Castle Walls | How to Visit Windsor Castle

A guide to visiting Windsor Castle

I guess I’m in a castle kind of mood, between the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and last week’s post about Himeji Castle. This week we’ll cover one of my favorite British castles: Windsor Castle! The quaint cobblestone paths and immense stone fortifications make this a very unique and memorable day trip. If you’re a Britophile of any degree, you...

How to take a day trip to visit Himeji Castle

First off, I’m very sorry about the unannounced 3 month hiatus. I just got married and it completely took over my world! I will get back to regularly scheduled posts here shortly. But first off, a post about Himeji castle! Fortunately for my readers, my latest trip (my honeymoon!) was to Japan, and I’m here to share all the tidbits I picked up on my way to this...

Simit street food in Istanbul in front of the Hagia Sophia

12 incredible street foods you must try in Istanbul

Istanbul street food blew me away! It's really bizarre how the food tastes different on two different continents despite being in the same city. Don't cheat yourself by sticking only to restaurants; street food is a great way to try many different dishes without breaking the budget.

Gorgeous and Dreamy Marrakech Riads

If you are going to Marrakech anytime soon, you have to stay in a riad! A quintessential Moroccan experience that’s unlike any hotel, bed and breakfast, or AirBNB I’ve ever stayed at. Marrakech riads are often historical buildings that have been renovated to become boutique hotels. I’m having a hard time explaining how it works. Staying in a riad is...